I think there might be a problem with Google Scholar!


Google scholar seems to be having problems with papers are originally indexed as arXiv preprints, then go on to be published elsewhere. e.g. a journal.  Google Scholar seems to ignore the new (real) citation, and be stuck with the arXiv submission- Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Case in point: A new paper I have out in PeerJ, that was originally an arXiv submission:

This is what google Scholar shows, today. Other papers, including newer ones from PeerJ can be seen in Google Scholar, so I don’t think its a matter of not waiting long enough..

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.55.38 AM



The related articles and versions that google scholar lists– none of them are the PeerJ paper. It’s as if the new paper is completely invisible to Google Scholar.

Searching Google Scholar is futile as well- it lists the arXiv paper, but NOT the PeerJ paper. Try it out for yourself:



Of note, this exact same thing is happening with another paper, the Assemblathon 2 paper- Google Scholar only sees the arXiv version, NOT the GigaScience version.

Google Scholar does not seem to index citations from preprints, and if the pub is lost, your h-index is not going to increase as fast unless Google Scholar fixes this. I’ve sent a message to their tech support, but am not expecting too much there..



  • Sasha

    I had the same issue. Only my Arxiv version of the article shows up in Google Scholar. Let me know if you were able to resolve this.

  • Naupaka

    Yup, I’m having the same issue, in my case with a PeerJ preprint and a PeerJ final article.

  • Manuel Gil

    I’m also having the problem. I published a preprint and then the peer reviewed version, both a PeerJ. Google Scholar only knows about the preprint.